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New York Times article

Just a quick post–I have an article being published in the New York Times this Sunday, May 18.  It will be in the Style and Fashion section, and is titled <snicker> “I’ll Never Dance the Lambada with Natalie Portman”. 

A couple of months ago I entered the Times’ annual ‘Modern Love’ essay contest–even though Modern Love is not exactly my usual sort of topic.  The piece is about my stay at the spartan Combat Outpost Callahan last year, on the east side of Baghdad, and the perfect dreams of Natalie Portman I had while stuck there.  Perfect NON-SEXUAL dreams of Natalie Portman, I should say (geez, your mind is in the gutter…)  Oh, and it also covers the nature of celebrities in American culture, and the dichotomy between adventurous youth and content aging. 

Or something like that.

Check it out at newstands this weekend, or this Sunday at http://topics.nytimes.com/top/features/style/fashionandstyle/columns/modernlove/index.html

if you’re too cheap to shell out the four bucks.