Ramblings on motorcycles, tattoos, alternative everything, politics, war and life in New York City.

My New Favorite Term

‘Fuggedaboudit’ is a legitimate word in Brooklyn, and is used in everyday conversation.  As a soldier, I actually understand it’s use pretty well.  It’s very similiar to ‘hooah’, which is routinely used in the Army, and essentially means everything except ‘no’.  Fuggedaboudit is even more versatile.  It is a comment without equal, in that it can be utilized as both a positive and negative.  E.g.–“Did ya see that hot goil walkin’ down the street?  Tight jeans, tits like bowling balls?  Oh brudder, fuggedaboudit!”  Or conversely; “I can’t believe that guy, what a jagoff!  Fuggedaboudit…..”  The only clues to its meaning is the tone of voice, the general subject of the conversation preceding it, and the way the ‘fuggedaboudit’ is actually used.  Drawn out and more emphatic for the positive; usually low and trailing off for the negative.

Try it out.  It’s pretty useful.



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